Training Fees

We are an all-volunteer organization. Instructors donate their time and do not receive any compensation. Monthly dues are used to pay for our facilities and to support the training. No contract or long term commitment is required.

In addition to monthly dues, a one-time registration fee is collected.

Making training available to everyone, regardless of financial situation, is one of our goals. If you are experiencing a financial hardship, please speak with an instructor when you visit us.

Monthly Dues

fees monthly
fees aikido
fees ki
fees children
One family member   $50.00
Two family members   $90.00
Three or more family members   $120.00
The maximum monthly dues for one family is $120.00.
  indicates the classes included.
  testing, belts and the annual Taigi Shinsakai event are included for children and teens.

Other Fees

All students (adults, teens and children) pay a one-time registration fee of $70.00. In subsequent years there is an annual renewal fee of $35.00 for adults and teens only.